Manal is a resourceful woman living in Syria with her three children. As the Syrian civil war moves ever closer, they have to repeatedly adapt and make the best of their lives, but Manal makes sure to always inject hope into her children’s lives.


However, a chance encounter with ISIS, and a stream of subsequent death threats forces Manal to flee the country. With no time or money to organize the journey for all four of them, she leaves her children behind, thinking that she will be able to safely send for them, as soon as she has been registered as a refugee in a European country.


After 10 long months in Denmark, the authorities decide to only give her temporary protection, which means she cannot legally apply for family reunification for another three years. For the children back in Syria, life grows ever more dangerous and now the eldest daughter is being threatened by ISIS. Manal decides that she must save her children.

This is their story.


A film by Estephan Wagner and

Marianne Hougen-Moraga


Manal Bashir Tahhan

Sara Obaid

Joudi Obaid

Karam Mohamad Obaid

Produced by

Lise Lense-Møller

Magic Hour Films



Represented by Zoran Stevanovic and

Caroline Bach

Estephan Wagner



Anders Villadsen



Estephan Wagner

Simon Plum


Music by

 Roger Goula

Used by permission of

Manners McDade Music Publishing Ltd.

Sound design

Henrik ’Gugge’ Garnov

Sound engineer

Thomas Pape


Jens de Place I Steen Bondrop



Anders V. Christensen I Maria Klarlund


Martin Munck Schmidt


Sebastian Munk


Kong Gulerod Film


Trailer editor

Mads Michael Olsen


Production, archive, research and clearing

Kristoffer Barslund


Korthe Lund Barfod



Alaa Kassab

Amr Hatem

Usama Ghanoum


English subtitles

Jonathan Sydenham


With special thanks to

Marianne Vølund

Pia Prytz Phiri

Sanaz Babaiasl

Steven Changtrakul

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